FRESH: ‘Chasing The Rhythm’ – WABISABI

WABISABI chases the rhythm


Producer Brian Fernandez has gone by the name of WABISABI since his debut last year with “Propaganda”. His first brand new track of 2021 is the storming “Chasing The Rhythm”!

The new track is pure dance floor fizz with a slightly retro sound that burns back to the late 90’s-early 00’s, blending electro noise and an in-your-head repetitive hook.

WABISABI tells us: “Late night drives in downtown LA, my three best buds in the back seat, feel good house/disco music blasting in the background; it was one of the happiest moments in my life. ‘Chasing The Rhythm’ pays tribute to that memory in time. It captures the classic house/disco vibe that was a huge part of my teenage years. Featuring catchy retro vocals paired with a nu disco/classic house melody, this song is an homage to the genres that inspired me to start music production”.

The past twelve months have just been non-stop for this young man with any number of superb dance tracks to his name, keeping our spirits alive and awake while all around us has been confined and restricted. WABISABI has always had a passion for music, one that spans across many different genres. From pop to electronic to indie, his exposure to a wide range of musical styles translates into, and inspires the productions he creates.

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