FRESH: ‘Lady Blue’ – Mister Clarck

Mister Clarck release “Lady Blue”


Paris group Mister Clarck enter 2021 with their brand new track, “Lady Blue”, a deeply sublime electro pop track with a slinky pace and slinky vocals.

The new song is the follow up to last years “Amours poussières” and “Confidences sur l’oreiller” and sees the duo fronted by Clarck enter a down-tempo dance arena.

“Lady Blue” will feature on their upcoming EP, which was recorded at the Abis studio. The song dictates that the colour blue does not only belong to men. Mister Clarck are inspired by all these women around the world who are working for equal rights. “Lady Blue” is a woman free of her thoughts, her words and her actions. Blue, this colour that is generally attributed to boys, is voluntarily associated with this woman in love in order to break the rules of the game.

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