FRESH: ‘Work It Out’ – Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera wants to “Work It Out”


San Diego based electro pop artist Orion Brody goes by the name of Aloe Vera. He made his debut last year with “Drive” and has already released four singles and his debut album, “Era”.

His new single, “Work It Out”, has just been released and it’s quite kooky! Low-key and subdued, “Work It Out” blends a handful of electro sounds and Aloe Vera’s sombre vocals.

It is the first new music from the artist following from “Era” and proves this young man does not stop writing and recording. With a blend of funky, disco and retro rhythms, “Work It Out” heralds a new year and a new sound and is the first in a line of new tracks to be released throughout 2021. This year will see Aloe Vera honing in on his mission to make music to make people move and guaranteed to make you get out of your seat and onto the dance floor.

Orion’s music career began as a classical pianist at a young age, until he was given a guitar at age 17 and fell in love. In 2015, Orion moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to get his B.A. in applied maths at UC Berkeley. While there, he honed his songwriting skills and became a frontman for his first band. In 2018, he wrote and released the coming-of-age album “Magnolia”, his introduction to professional production.

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