FRESH: ‘Preacher’ – Heckyl

Heckyl debuts with “Preacher”


Heckyl is the new music project of South west based singer and producer Luke Potter and he’s hoping to make something of it.

He’s certainly made a bold opening with his poptastic debut, “Preacher”, in which he introduces himself, his outlook and where he stands in this world.

Heckyl is young, learning but has enough experience to be the preacher in the title of this cool, mid-tempo track. The song is infectious from the moment the beat clicks in and Heckyl’s very solid, often learned vocal perfectly compliments the soundtrack.

Luke tells us: “Anxiety, depression, low self-esteem these are all feelings that we can get when we listen to the monster inside our heads. But also it can drive you to try harder, appreciate love, life and be creative. So, if you pictured your monster what would it look like and what would it want to say? Heckyl is mine and I’m using it to share my feelings that I hope will connect with others. The songs I write are personal and I hope people can connect with the stories I tell through them”.

I look forward to more yet to come from this promising young man…

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