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REVIEW: ‘Fragile’ (EP) – Park Haven

Park Haven – “Fragile” (EP)

Australian husband and wife duo Park Haven have been creating superb retro, synth and electro pop tunes for just over a year now and after a number of stand alone singles, they release their debut EP, “Fragile”, today, lead by the single, “Problems”, a gorgeous, peachy synth pop party anthem, brimming with sunshine and beach heaven and a snazzy, jazzy hook with melting vocals, enough to tear you back to the 80’s in one blink of the eye. The song is about the one-sided experience of trying to work through issues with someone you love, who is more interested in sweeping them under the carpet.

“Waiting” ‘pops’ in and out with more of that snazzy guitar riff and plenty of snares and shots of synth programming coupled with a retrowave mid-80’s majesty about it. “Waiting” will not keep you ‘waiting’ or wanting more, but more comes with “Killing Me”. I just LOVE the opening to this track! It keep you second guessing at every moment and when the finger clicks come in, you wonder what will follow… Well, a down-tempo synthwave, moody track that centres on a toxic relationship where both sides love each other so much, they accept they have to go their separate ways, despite the fact they would still die for each other.

It’s back to the beach for more Caribbean style steal drums and cocktails with “Perfect”. Could this be the most ‘perfect’ anthem of all time? I can hear Gloria Estefan. I can hear Tom Cruise movies. There’s some Beverly Hills Cop in there too, all shaken and stirred up completely for a rip roaring mid-tempo tune with cruise control built in, and actually automatic! Oh yes! A whole Park Haven album like this can only be something to dream of at this point (and I hope it happens!) as we sail into the final track all too soon. “Hoarders Paradise” veers off track as we move away from the 80’s to more modern times and a very indie sounding track. The synths are still there but there is more grit to this than any of the tracks that come before.

Park Haven are only just starting out but already appealing to my taste buds and anyone who remembers the 80’s and is also a fan of the retro wave of music currently being mass produced across the world. “Fragile” was written, recorded and self-produced by Park Haven in the smallest room of the duo’s pokey Sydney unit, part of the retro apartment building, after which they take their name. This is DIY pop on a professional level and should play well this coming year. If only to escape the horrors of the past twelve months and bring yourself back to life once more.

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