FRESH: ‘Somebody Will’ – Lorensa

Lorensa says “Somebody Will”

R&B Pop

Lorensa’s music is spunky and sassy and there’s an element of 90’s R&B pop about it. You can hear Toni Braxton and JLo amongst others.

Her stunning new single, “Somebody Will”, certainly contains some of these artists and many more, along with her own gorgeous vocals and rhythmic production.

“Somebody Will” is THE a soon-to-be breakup anthem for the broken hearted. The song is about empowerment and the reminder that you won’t stand around waiting for the other person to change anymore. Whether it is the first breakup or another chance, the lyrics remind you to know you deserve better. Simple, quick and that’s all you need to convey that message across without any fuss of big production, “Somebody Will” is both profound and addictive.

The Israeli born singer moved to LA in 2016 to pursue her musical ambitions and launched her career with renowned producer DANK. With names like Britney Spears, Avicii, Deadmau5 and Nicky Romero to his name, this was as big a step as Lorensa could make. Their first teaming came only last year with “One Life”, which produced a number of mixes before a second single, “Maze” followed later in 2020. Lorensa went solo for her last release of the year, “Birthday”, and now builds on that success with her stunning new single, “Somebody Will”. One. To. Watch!

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