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FRESH: ‘You’ – Julz West

Julz West sings about “You”

R&B Pop

London based singer and songwriter Julz West is a well established artist with releases going back over an entire decade.

His latest and first of 2021 is his own little ray of sunshine into our lives, “You”, a funky, uplifting pop number with Julz’s gorgeous, dreamy vocals.

“You” is a simple love song about meeting that someone and wanting to fall in love with them set against a sun-kissed season od songs that Julz has already lined up. Julz tells us that the video is a direct sequel to his 2019 single “On My Own” and is the second instalment in a trilogy of similar tunes, all telling a story.

Having started on YouTube, over the years Julz has amassed a following of over 180,000 on social media. Recently he has been receiving more recognition after going viral with BTS x Glamour collab where his cover was reacted to by BTS. He currently shares short covers and remixes to platforms such as Instagram whilst preparing new original music. Influenced by his Caribbean heritage, we can expect colourful sounds from his upcoming music.

Julz debuted back in 2011 with “Where Do We Start?” and released his first album, “Still Dreamin'”, in 2014. His most recent work was a seven track short album “A Few Covers”, while his last studio work was the similarly cool “Not An Album” in 2019. Last year saw Julz lift our spirits with tracks like “Summer’s Not Cancelled” and “Next To Me”. His music is easy on the ear and works just as well in broad daylight as well as firing the heart on those cold dark nights.

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