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FRESH: ‘Cannot Forgive’ – Cris Cap feat. Tyla Rae

Cris Cap teams with Tyla Rae for “Cannot Forgive”


German producer and songwriter Cris Cap (real name Christian Kapp) has just released his third ever track, “Cannot Forgive You” and he’s teamed with a hot new singer, Tyla Rae.

“Cannot Forgive” is a beautiful pop-R&B-Soul-easy listening song, perfect for both Summer sunny days as well as just chilling and relaxing at any time of the day.

The Dusseldorf based arist released his first single, “Brighter Day”, last year and followed that with “Glitter And Gold” at the beginning of 2021. Piano player and producer, Cris like to work with what he calls the very best new singers around, highlighting both his own output as well as their vocal styles. Tyla’s is perfect for this jazzy number. A little bit smokey, a little bit sassy, but a lot of soul and class to it.

Cris explains what “Cannot Forgive” is all about: “Sometimes it’s difficult not to stick to what people have done or said to you. Forgiving is important but not an easy thing to do, because then you have to swallow your pride. I tried to find a musical style that would match with that issue. First I made this groove and started to sing over some modal harmony. I like that the verses of this song are harmonically quite open”. And we like the song. Over to you…

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