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FRESH: ‘Everything I’m Not’ – Maki Flow

Maki Flow wishes she was “Everything I’m Not”


With a string of highly successful releases going back to 2017 and over 7 million streams to date, Maki Flow bursts into 2021 with “Everything I’m Not”.

The London based artist follows up “Better Off Alone” with her plucky, pop-y, self depreciation look at herself with “Everything I’m Not”.

The song bursts and bristles with loveliness musically although behind the jolly beat, Maki opens her heart for the very first time and takes a good hard look. As she says: “’Everything I’m Not’ is the most honest song I’ve ever released and the one that is closest to my heart at the moment. It brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it because it reminds me of a time when I was really struggling loving myself. I’ve always been a very insecure girl and I have this tendency of feeling out of place everywhere I go – It takes me a while to adjust to new situations and I always have this annoying voice in my head trying to tell me I am the loser in the room. We all have those bad days, sometimes you just need to go through them to pick yourself up. I’m glad I wrote that song, it’s a reminder I can turn those bad moments into something magical, like a song and I hope it can help people to feel less lonely whenever they feel they’re not enough”.

Both “Everything I’m Not” and “Better Off Alone” will feature on her upcoming new EP, “Can’t Act My Age”, surprisingly her first in four years of releasing a dozen or so tracks. The EP promises to fill the Summer with great dance vibes and show off Maki Flow’s knack for lifting us all up and putting British pop music back in front view. Grab a balloon and get down to the sound of Maki Flow this year!

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