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FRESH: ‘Missing You Tomorrow’ – Neia Jane

Neia Jane is “Missing You Tomorrow”

Cinematic Pop

New Zealand born, LA based pop star Neia Jane launches her galactic new single “Missing You Tomorrow”, today, her first of 2021 and the next chapter in her glorious story.

The atmospheric and stirring “Missing You Tomorrow” builds vocally and rhythmically to entrance you and really make you stop and listen to this incredible new song.

Neia launched her career in 2018 with “Not Romantic” and released her debut album, “Magic and Honey” the following year. Her stroking new electro synth sound began last year with “Break Ur Heart” and Neia follows this with her cinematic new production, “Missing You Tomorrow”. The song was written on the plane ride home after visiting her long-distance partner. The track explores the longing that we as humans feel on the last night with a loved one, before having to part ways.

The visually striking video to accompany the song (due out at the end of this month) sees Neia leaves her beloved and enters a dark lit world of neon lighting and more cinematic outdoor visuals with a sepia tint to the lens, focusing on Neia’s yearning to remain with the one she loves but having to depart, albeit temporarily. The video perfectly compliments that of her previous release, “Break Ur Heart”, and showcases Neia’s talent not just as a singer but as a performer and artist, one to watch and one yet to really get noticed. Something that will happen very soon…!

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