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FRESH: ‘Quest For You’ – Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly is on a “Quest For You”

Funky Pop

US pop artist Mike Kelly releases his AWESOME new single, “Quest For You”, today! And what a great, uplifting song this is from the singer who only debuted last year.

“With an distinct 80’s feel to it, yet contemporary and modern, “Quest For You” simply ROCKS OUT! Forget Justin Timberlake, Mike could be the new Prince!

Having debuted last year with “Heaven” and his first album, “Our Nothing Is Alive” as well as his “Spring” EP, Mike rounded off his first year with his festive number “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”. 2021 will see Mike really take on the world with his electric new track “Quest For You”, as the Ho Ho Kus, New Jersey songwriter and musician gains confidence and finds his place within the industry.

Mike was 10 when he first got his dad to part with some money for a guitar while he practiced singing, playing piano and writing songs with his twin brother, the drummer, in his parent’s basement, not far outside New York City. The pair played in a band through college andh ad a modest 15 show tour after that. Mike also got some opportunities to share the stage with national headliners. Sadly, his brother died and the band dissolved but after taking time out, Mike returned to carry on and develop his own talent as a solo artist. And we are grateful he has chosen to do so.

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