Gary Clail


30 years ago, Gary Clail warned us there was something wrong with human nature.

Without further ado, let the carnival begin…

Producer and songwriter Gary Clail (b.1959) started his professional career as a roofer but made the transition to a DJ in the 1980’s. Signed to On-U Records, he released his first single, “Half Cut For Confidence”, in 1985. After three further releases and building his reputation in Bristol nightclubs, Gary released his debut album, “End Of The Century Party”, in 1989. Taken from the album was the song “Beef”, which gained a very small commercial following in 1990 when it hit No.64 on the UK singles chart.

It would be Gary’s second album that opened the doors to greater recognition. The lead single from which, “Human Nature”, came in February 1991 and featured entertainer and singer Lanah P on vocals, uttering her unforgettable lines “Let the carnival begin, Every pleasure every sin”. The song continuiously climbed the UK singles chart for five weeks until reaching the top ten whilst at the same time making No.3 on the dance chart. It was also popular in The Netherlands and broke the top 40 in Australia. Gary’s second album, “Emotional Hooligan”, would make No.35 on the UK album chart and feature the singles “Escape” (No.44) and the title track, which failed to chart.

Gary returned to the UK top 40 for a second and final time, to date, in 1992 with “Who Pays The Piper?” (No.31), the lead single from his next album, “Dreamstealers”, which also featured “These Things Are Worth Fighting For” (UK No.45), both of which were released in 1993. Gary kept up the DJing in the local clubs even after his brief interlude of fame had vanished and achieved one last tiny hit with “Another Hard Man” in 1995, from the album “Keep The Faith”. A compilation, “Human Nature: The Best Of Gary Clail”, came out in 1997 and that was pretty much it for our Gary.

Having been ‘tied’ in as the “Gary Clail On-U Sound System” for all his commercial releases since 1989, Gary parted ways at the end of the decade and after a few more well spent clubbing years, he formed his own production company the “Gary Clail Sound System” in 2013 and the following year, released a brand new album, “Nail It To The Mast”. He continues to be a sought after DJ in clubs and at a number of music and dance festivals, particularly in the 30th anniversary year of his biggest and best known chart hit. So what are you waiting for? Let the carnival begin…

gary clail 2020

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