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FRESH: ‘Bruised’ – Old Swing

Old Swing rocks to “Bruised”

Retro Synth

UK artist Lewis Goswell, as Old Swing, blasts us back to the 80’s with his spanking new retrowave tune, “Bruised”, with full synth and electro pop sparkles.

“Bruised” is Old Swing’s fifth single, following on from last year’s “Stuck”, as huge snares and retro synths take centre stage for this ‘breakfast club’ anthem.

“Bruised” bristles with Summer sunshine, superb vocals and a great retro vibe, even if the subject and sroty of this song is less than upbeat. As Lewis tells us: “‘Bruised’ is about all ‘getting over it’ that recovery process which everyone goes though after a volatile relationship ending and putting belief in time being the best healer. As always I wanted it to be as upbeat and as catchy as possible whilst addressing something that can be a bit of a sad topic. I write happy songs for sad people!”.

Old Swing made his debut in 2018 with “Time” and has been careful to produce and release his music so as not to overwhelm us with his understanding of a decade he himself can only know from films and the music of the time. A play of any of his tracks will transport you back to the mid-80’s and those cool American teen flicks of the period. Let’s hope Old Swing will commit some more to a full album – it would be very welcome!

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