FRESH: ‘Say It Again’ – LIIYO

LIIYO wants to “Say It Again”

Electro Pop

Rising UK pop artist LIIYO injects some retro 80’s sounds into his latest single, “Say It Again”, his first release of 2021 following a busy debut in 2020.

The track is full of electro vibes, uplifting and works equally well if heard back 30-40 years ago as well as sounding completely fresh and spanking new today.

Having entered the music world as part of two groups, LIIYO decided to go solo two years ago and released his debut single, “Bad Reaction”, early last year. He released the ballad, “Overwhelmed”, that tackled the issues of anxiety, so for LIIYO’s next single, he thought it should be aimed at a feeling of happiness and tap into the fact that it is now spring time. Something much lighter was the choice made and so “Say It Again” felt like the perfect follow up to song that was much more melancholic and that is why the hook is so addictive.

“Say It Again” is a song that is about the early stages of a new relationship where everything is still fresh and exciting but nothing is official yet. It’s a throwback to being young and discovering a new chemistry with somebody and hearing them say that they like you; the feelings that come with that are explored in this song. It is a fun look into how something so simple as somebody saying like “I like you” can send your head into a spin. And it certainly works well on first hearing. LIIYO is set to release more songs this year as the London based songwriter and singer firmly establishes himself as great solo pop act with an interest in multiple genres of sounds and styles. Play it again and again!

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