Billy Boguard

FRESH: ‘Pedestal’ – Billy Boguard

Billy Boguard sits on his “Pedestal”

Soft Rock/Pop

French born, UK based singer and songwriter releases his haunting new single, “Pedestal”, today, the third in a new run of tracks from this talented artist.

A blend of soft rock and Pop with shades of Country, “Pedestal” is darkly alluring and instantly engaging, understated and yet complete in its simplicity.

Hanging from a cliff, a downfall is to be expected; But in the end, Hope prevails, the fever only passing by.

“Pedestal” is about the moment you realise you’ve been focusing on the other person too much, in order to avoid your inner demons. Resilience, conquering bad habits and toxicity are themes explored in this new track.

London based Billy writes, plays and sings from the heart, adding to it a blend of imagination, psyche and fantasy that culminate to betray his own feelings to find the simple truth of storytelling. His slight and sometimes haunting vocal is powerful in effect without being completely centre stage in every production. Billy debuted in 2017 with his EP “Across the Narrow Sea”, returning two years later with a trio of standalone tracks before retiring to write and create a new batch of songs for 2021, of which “Pedestal” is by far the the most epic and profound yet.

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