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FRESH: ‘Down2run’ – Trent-Jean feat. Mimah

Trent-Jean teams up with Mimah for “Down2Run”


Australian artist Trent-Jean has hooked up with British singer Mimah for his latest release, “Down2Run”, a transient alt-pop mash of cloudy vocals and hypnotic rhythms.

The song is actually a demo he wrote five years ago that has now become a reality and with the inclusion of Mimah, takes it to a whole new level!

Trent-Jean tells the story: “The song began 5 years ago – I layed down a 3 part guitar line on my ‘63 strat (which I sold involuntarily during the outburst of the Covid-Crisis) – 1 week ago (writing this on the 13th da April) I went to the Margaret River Wine Region of Western Australia, without a Guitar I was left to my own devices, that device being a Macbook Pro which2 contained the guitar recording from 5 years ago.. I then started rapping over it, pouring out my feelings for my then Crush… A Canadian Heptathlete (I’ll leave you to discover who that Heptathlete is) – with the theme being “are you Down 2 Run?”.

Trent-Jean only started out last year with his debut single, “Manchester By The Sea”, while songwriting and laying down tracks has already produced two singles prior this year, “B4IDie” and “Illusions 09”. Trent-Jean’s style is like no other. It’s HIS music and could not be replicated or even compared to anyone else! London based Mimah is also fairly new to the scene having released only three tracks prior to this collaboration but with a strong attitude and conviction, she will go far.

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