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FRESH: ‘Hold On’ – Serena Sophia

Serena Sophia says…”Hold On”


Scottish singer Serena Sophia has just released her second ever single, “Hold On”, the follow up to last years debut, “Diary Of Thoughts”.

This a a showy kinda pop. Think Gabrielle meets Duffy as the sounds of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s all blend in to produce one outstanding and confident pop masterpiece.

Serena’s seductive vocals reel you in before she unleashes her awesome power against a backdrop of heavy drum and bass with some soulful piano and background strings, this is a marked step up from her opening number as Serena pushes to get her music and her voice heard to a wider audience. And quite frankly, this should happen VERY soon with “Hold On”‘s appeal to multiple genres and tastes.

“Hold On” was created whilst stuck on the cruise ship, Serena was working on at the beginning of the pandemic last year. Whilst at sea Serena began to analyse a lot of her life. This reminded Serena of a time when she was at her lowest due to a boy she used to date who treated her so BAD that she began to dislike herself! HOW DARE SHE! We all have that ONE and he certainly was this! Gey ready for Serena Sophia!

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