FRESH: ‘Broke’ – ROG3R feat. Samama

ROG3R and Samama go for “Broke”!


Dutch producer ROG3R (Rogier Schneemann) has just released his second dance-tastic single, “Broke”, with his debut, “Classy”, singer (Ben) Samana back once more.

This summer dance anthem has one of those annoying start-stop soundtracks which purposefully picks you up and drops you back down again just in case you were feeling it too much!

ROG3R is based in The Hague and got the bug as a musician from a young age, eventually, after high school, he studied Architecture, after which he went on to study Jazz Performance at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. During his studies, he founded the group Azure together with three other musicians. They released the album “When She Smiles” in 2009. Azure was renamed to Azure Hiptronics in 2013 after a line-up change. Moving to a more electronic and funky sound, they released the album “Hiptronics” in 2014. “Ignacio” followed in 2016 but two years later the band split.

It was Rogier, or should we now say ROG3R’s chance to produce music that he really liked and joined forces with Ben Samama and songwriter Teresa Wagner. Their work is finally being released in 2021 and it began with the very ‘classy’, “Classy” which began the good time vibe and feel good factor, much needed in the world today. ROG3R tells us there are three more tracks yet to come so he’s really making sure that the only songs to move and groove to this year are his and his alone. Go for ‘broke’, ROG3R!

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