FRESH: ‘Word On The Wire’ – Muscular

Muscular knows about a “Word On The Wire”


80’s retro synth artist Ilmari Aitoaho aka Muscular releases his second ever single, the sumptuous 80’s vibe that is “Word On The Wire”, together with singer Oskari Ruohonen.

The song has got quite a disco/funk/nu wave kick to it as it dives in for a real journey back in time of rhythms and retro sounds as the story of one character continues over from his debut.

Muscular made his debut with “Auraraver”, a fictional characher who moves in a world of the past that never existed. Muscular takes up the story: “Auraraver (character familiar from the first single) is back, but his mind is full of poisonous thoughts. There are rumours, words on the wire, that haunt him. Are those real or only imaginary feelings? Will Auraraver find the answer from the morse code?”.

Muscular’s music is founded on Herbie Hancock’s jazz-funk headhunting, Parliament-Funkadelic’s vision through star-shaped-sunglasses, Prince’s masterful musicology and today’s super groups Franc Moody, Vulfpeck and Cory Henry & Funk Apostles. Ilmari has surrounded himself with super talented musicians (and good friends) who give their own brilliant add to this Muscular tissue, not least Oskari, took part in this year’s Finnish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest!

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