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FRESH: ‘Graveyard’ – Joshua Ryan

Joshua Ryan returns with “Graveyard”


Texan singer Joshua Ryan returns more than a year since he released a trio of singles with his fantastic brand new track, “Graveyard”.

“Graveyard” is a power pop anthem with a thumping beat that opens a new door for Joshua and keeps to the standard of his previous releases “Lost In You” and “Chameleon Eyes”.

Joshua hails from Austin, TX and actually made his debut back in 2015 with “Own Me”. He took his time in writing and working out where to move next and not releasing the follow up, “Life Of My Party”, until 2019. Now armed with new songs, Joshua starts off with a song about despair but one of hope. Having reached the bottom, there is only way to go and “Graveyard” offers hope to anyone that’s been there and thought there was no way out.

Joshua tells us of his passion for music: “I always wanted to be a singer, a performer and to be able to take care of my friends and family when I reached the top. If you don’t follow your dreams, then what is leading you? Since then, I’ve come a long way. I’ve traveled to Russia to play for MTV and the American Embassy, Performed on Late Night Television, and have played on tours like the Warped Tour. Most importantly I’ve met some amazing people and friends along the way”.

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