FRESH: ‘Fade Out’ – SHIMA

SHIMA glides into “Fade Out”

Electro Pop

Japanese electro pop artist SHIMA releases her dreamy new single, “Fade Out”, today, the follow up to “Don’t Wanna Die Young”.

Written, produced, mixed and mastered by SHIMA herself at home, this is another cool slice of atmospheric electro pop from a highly independent and versatile young individual.

“Fade Out” is about drowning out the noise around you and unburdening yourself of trivial and unnecessary worries. People tend to tie too much of their self-worth on social media, their appearance, their material possessions and the opinions of others, but once in a while we need to reflect and realise that none of those things really matter.

SHIMA tells us: “In Japan, people tend to place more importance on the opinions of others than in the West. This can be a good thing, as it makes people selfless and considerate of others, but on the downside it can make people obsess over things they can’t control. I often find myself going down this rabbit hole too – so this song is a reminder to myself and anyone who listens to just chill out and reflect once in a while”.

SHIMA made her debut last year with “As The Ocean” and has ‘created’ six more luscious tracks from “SupaChill” to “Swimming/Drowning”, some performed in her native tongue and others in English, as the Tokyo based artist seeks to bring her music to a Western audience who enjoy the more refind, sophisticated side of pop music.

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