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FRESH: ‘Anything’ – Rye Catchers

Rye Catchers release “Anything”!

Indie Pop

Milwaukee band the Rye Catchers have just released their new single, “Anything”, their first for new record label, Valiant Horizon and in hit pursuit of their recent debut album.

Rye Catchers are a dynamic and ever-evolving amalgamation of unique talents from across the United States and abroad, compiled by songwriter and producer David McClintick Roberts.

The ‘collective’ formed two years ago and have released numerous tracks since their debut, “Round And Round” at the beginning of 2020. Armed with mulitple tunes, the group released their debut album, “Little Things”, earlier this year and have won tbheir new recording home as a result of this. The pop-rock-indie “Anything” is their first of many for the label. With a little bit of Country and a lot of Pop, this fast-paced tune features the vocals of Ryan Whyte Maloney, who featured in the sixth season of The Voice.

David Roberts says of the tune: “It’s a simple song about a complex emotion and the lyrics play with that theme. The end result is a pop/rock tune that attempts to mirror that ecstatic feeling of being madly in love”. With more to come from this constantly evolving production team, “Anything” is musically a great, feel-good song that will appeal to anyone around in the 90’s, 00’s and the present time, crossing the boundaries of multiple decades as they take their sound out to a wider world of music lovers.

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