FRESH: ‘Involuntary’ – Freska and Suz

Freska and Suz release “Involuntary”

Funk, Dance, Pop

Spanish duo Freska, combining Freska’s production and singer Suz’s torrid and frank lyrics, have just released another brand new track, “Involuntary”.

The funky-dance track showcases Suz’s dexterity both in her words and her voice, combining rap and traditional singing, this is something very different!

Freska have been around for well over a decade now, making their debut in 2007 with “Kurp”. To date, only one full length album has been released, “Wrong Songs”, in 2013, but the duo mainly prefer to focus on each individual song as it comes up for release, most recently “Wonder” and “Flows”, prior to their third release of 2021, “Involuntary”.

Russian born Freska is now based in Barcelona, Spain. He was acting for a long time as music producer and DJ. After being released at quite niche record labels, he later reformed into a music composer and sound studio owner. Having caused supersonic ripples throughout the electronic music community Freska is now dropping a series of tracks and collaborations. Unhurried beat, classical guitar, ambient landscapes and soft vocals – all these are attributes of his new material. He is not ashamed of the deep blend of traditional music and modern grooves, and tries to immerse the listener with his idea of storytelling.

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