FRESH: ‘Go With The Flow’ – Abian

Abian debuts with “Go With The Flow”


Swedish DJ and producer Fabian Liss Svedlund launches his career as an artist in his own right under the shortened name of “Abian” with his storming track, “Go With The Flow”.

A great, uplifting dance/club anthem, “Go With The Flow” looks to brighter days and hopefulness as we exit the global pandemic and return to life as we would want it.

This horrible pandemic happens and the whole world goes on standby. People are scared, people get sick, people are dying, people are hoping for a vaccine. For the 20 year old artist, this is not an easy thing to cope with. With a little help from his friends he remains positive and does not give up. Abian managed to fulfill his dream and now he is releasing his first single. Strong vocals and a lively backing track are all that’s needed for this really great first tune from the Rättvik/Dalarna born young man.

Abian tells us: “The idea for the song started with a beat I wanted to do. When I got that right, everything else came naturally. I contacted a guy in Los Angeles who I thought had a perfect voice for my song. ‘Go With The Flow’ is about not complicating things. Not thinking too much, instead trust and listen to yourself. Then everything will work out just fine”. Reach up and enjoy…

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