FRESH: ‘All I Want 2 See’ – Arin

Arin debuts with “All I Want 2 See”


British singer and songwriter Arin makes a sweet and honest debut into the industry with his new single, “All I Want 2 See”.

The London-based artist takes tentative steps out into the open with a simple edict, a lot of synth and vocalisations to set off his understated voice.

With a refreshing, unrepeatable twist to the face of electronic pop music with mellow synths, energetic drums and intimate lyrics that flaunt Arin’s craft as a songwriter. “All I Want 2 See” kickstarts Arin’s electro-pop journey with an open-hearted venture into the euphoria of falling in love. The song smoulders in tune with the ecstasy of falling head-over-heels for someone.

And this is just the beginning. Arin, who has already worked with and written songs for numerous other artists, is now focusing on his own career, getting his name out there and has more to come very soon. “All I Want 2 See” is the perfect launching pad to seduce and entice the listener to sit up and take note of Arin, his harmony, his quiet tone and the intimacy of his mind and of the moment.

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