FRESH: ‘Heart’s On Fire’ (EP) – Zyra

Zyra releases her “Heart’s On Fire” EP


London-based platinum-selling artist ZYRA returns with brand-new single, “Heart’s On Fire”, the title track of her newly released self-written/produced debut EP.

Having already racked up over a staggering 150 million streams, plus millions more across other platforms, the independent artist is set to continue her impressive trajectory with this latest release.

Having spent the last six years mastering the art of producing her own music, ZYRA made “Heart’s On Fire” after being inspired by the likes of UK producers Joel Corry and Shift K3Y. The end result is an incredibly infectious, fun dance-pop track that showcases ZYRA’s knack for addictive melodies and toplines that have attracted the attention of various global producers.

The track is the latest in a string of new releases that form ZYRA’s EP, which is her first solo music since previously collaborating and finding success with ODESZA on “Say My Name” and “It’s Only” — the first tracks to shine a light on ZYRA’s gorgeous vocals and impressive songwriting abilities on a global scale. A true force to be reckoned with and artistically at the top of her game, and with much more to come this year from the DIY musician, ZYRA is surely one to watch out for in 2021.

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