FRESH: ‘Nobody Knows My Name’ – Daniel

DANIEL starts by stating “Nobody Knows My Name”


London based singer and songwriter Daniel begins his musical journey by introducing himself and just letting us know that “Nobody Knows My Name”.

The powerful, piano ballad in stripped back form is the perfect debut from this exciting new talent with a voice that can reduce glass to sand!

With an EP on the way, “Nobody Knows My Name” is only the beginning for this young and promising home-grown talent who descibes his music as ‘pop-laced music with raw and honest lyrics’. Starting as a stage performer aged 11, Daniel has worked at the Royal Albert Hall and played the Latitude Festival in 2019 but lockdown has brought his own experiences so far and talent as both a songwriter and a gifted singer right out into the open.

As Daniel says: “’Nobody Knows My Name’ is an introductory, no-filter piano-ballad about the bitter-sweet relationship I’ve built with music. Even though I’m convinced it’s the reason I’m here, we’re surrounded by highlight reels of people’s lives on social media and it’s quick to remind me of the sacrifices I’ve made and the memories of being a care-free teenager that I feel I’ve lost out on quite a bit to be able to do what I love. I think people underestimate the impact being an artist has on your mental health and the rejection and disappointment we go through just to create a beautiful moment or bring a dream we had once to life. But I guess at the end of the day, I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s my first love”.

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