FRESH: ‘The Awakening’ – K3n_dra

K3N_DRA releases her debut album, “The Awakening”

R&B Pop

LA base singer K3N_DRA (Kendra Marshall) has just released her debut album, “The Awakening”, an eight-track collection of smooth harmonies and one outstanding voice.

Serving the album is the lead single, “Here”, a soulful slice of R&B-Pop with little soundtracfk instrumentation but alot of K3N_DRA’s sexy and sassy voice.

K3N_DRA says: “The lead single off my debut album is just what the world needs right now. After living through a very trying time for most we have all been forced tp find ourselves and fix traumas and still love ourselves in the process. Here is an affirmation about finding yourself and love every layer”.

The album was recorded in North Hollywood at The Altar Studios ran by Stewart Tuttle with colleague Cutdro helping with the mixing and mastering. K3N_DRA adds that “Here” is her personal journey about finding who she really is and accepting where she is right now. As she says, “I am at this moment and still having the confidence to say ‘I’m here. I’m here and I love this version of myself'”. Have a listen to this superb collection of grooves and themes froma bright new talent and get just where K3N_DRA is and will be going…

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