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FRESH: ‘Biblical’ – Calum Scott

Calum Scott is back! With “Biblical”

by Mark Keen

Calum Scott, a breakout artist from Britain’s Got Talent, has released the first single off his sophomore album.

The song is entitled “Biblical” and it’s a real tearjerker in the “You Are The Reason” vein. There’s a great video as well!

“Biblical” is the UK based artist’s first new music since his full-length debut, “Only Human”, in 2018, which hit No.1 on the iTunes album chart in 21 countries across the globe, in addition to selling more than 3.6 million copies and amassing over 7.5 billion combined streams!

Showcasing Calum’s soulful voice and deeply personal songwriting, “Biblical” speaks to the extraordinary power of unconditional love. “While I know the word ‘biblical’ has spiritual connotations to many, ‘Biblical’ to me is about unquantifiable love, a love beyond description or measure, a love of biblical proportions that transcends everyone and everything” he says. “If I can aspire for one thing for this song, it’s that the listener hears it and fits a name, a face, or a passion to the lyric and makes it their story”.

Directed by UK duo Franklin & Marchetta, the video for “Biblical” opens on Scott sitting alone in a desolate room, then cuts to an alternate reality in which various characters (including a ballet dancer, a violinist, and a bride and groom) drift along in an underwater reverie. By the end of the video, Scott has broken through the wall that separates him from that enchanted world, becoming blissfully submerged as well.

Produced by Jon Maguire and partly recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, “Biblical” unfolds in moving piano melodies and delicate string work, building to a breathtaking cascade of harmonies at the bridge.

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