Robbie Williams

COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘She’s The One’

The song, “She’s The One”, was originally recorded by World Party in 1997

Karl Wallinger (b.1957) of British rock band World Party, wrote the song “She’s The One” for the band’s fourth studio album, “Egyptology”, in 1997. It was released as the second single that year but did not chart unlike its predecessor, “Beautiful Dream”, although it would go on to receive an Ivor Novello Award following its appearance in the film ‘The Matchmaker’.

One person who did notice it was Robbie Williams, who recorded the song, with one of World Party’s guitarists for his album, “I’ve Been Expecting You”, in 1999. He released this ‘new’ version of “She’s The One” in November that year and took it to number one, much to the dismay of Wallinger, who was not aware it was an almost like-for-like cover nor that a member of his band would also be roped in! Oh dear, Robbie!

So, who does do the best version? WORLD PARTY’s original or ROBBIE’s very similar cover?

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