heaven 17

VIEWS: Heaven 17 – Five Of Their Very Best

80’s group Heaven 17 make us choose the ‘essential’ tracks

Ian Marsh (b.1956), Glenn Gregory (b.1958) and Martyn Ware (b.1956) formed synth pop group Heaven 17 in 1980 and spent the decade ‘tempting’ us with an assortment of hit singles and three certified albums. Their success went global in 1983 as they registered ten US dance chart hits as well as chart positions ‘down under’ and on top! Here are five of their very best. Which ones would choose?

“Temptation” (1983)

“Come Live With Me” (1983)

“Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry” (1983)

“This Is Mine” (1984)

“Temptation ’92” (1992)

“Essential Heaven 17” is out now and contains all of these singles and many more spanning 40 years of pure ‘Heaven’.

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