CHART REWIND: All The UK Number One Songs of 1988

Every UK number one single from 1988 in a playlist!

Here is THE Spotify playlist of all the number one singles in the UK for the year, 1988.

A year that saw an increasing rise of Stock Aitken Waterman chart domination with a five week number one from their new act, Kylie Minogue, with her debut single.

Bros finally became ‘famous’ and in June, scored their first, and so far to date, their only number one.

The girls dominated 1988. Kylie, Belinda, Tiffany, Robin, Whitney, Yazz and Enya spending a total of 23 weeks on top.

The Timelords (The KLF) came back or went forward with Doctor Who in the tardis, all the way to the top.

The Pet Shop Boys opened the year with their cover of “Always On My Mind” and Cliff closed it with his Christmas number one, “Misteltoe And Wine”.

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