Cover vs original

PLAYLIST: Cover Version vs Original

Cover vs Original – exactly that!

Are original songs always the best or have there been better covers? Or is the original still and always going to be the best? That is the question. Our extensive database seeks to remind you of what you may think is your favourite song from the 80’s, 90’s or today, but is in fact a reworking of a classic from the 70’s, 60’s or even the 1950’s.

Some songs have been so popular they’ve been recorded over a hundred times by artists male AND female as well as bands and groups alike. So we pull out the best known, the most successful of these and put them to a jury. You! You tell us which one is the best. Have we done right? Are there one’s we ourselves have forgotten and should be evaluated as part of the mix?

One thing is for sure, every week another song will come to ‘trial’, placing the original that our mums and dads will tell us are always the best alongside the latest version that we know and love and accept as gospel. “Always On My Mind” for example. Elvis or the Pet Shop Boys? Sometimes it can be difficult, and often there’s a story to be told about each song and the artists that have recorded them.

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So take a journey back in time, through time to the present time and see how many you remember and also how many of your current favourites were actually topping the ‘hit parade’ half a century ago…