FRESH: ‘Feel Right’ – Sister Teeth

Sister Teeth effortlessly shares ‘Feel Right’

An upbeat jam that is the perfect summer song to add to any indie pop playlist

From the instant that the deep synth bass line hits, the new song from Sister Teeth, Feel Right catches your ear.

The sultry tones of Sister Teeth singer, Halie Alexander pull you in with a tone not dissimilar to that of Marina and The Diamonds and Lorde, coupled with delicate string and acoustic notes that really bring the song alive.

Feel Right is a song that showcases Sister Teeth’s talent for songwriting with its deep and meaningful message about the damaging social media world we live in today.


It’s a long way from singer Halie’s day job in waste management and the anthemic, electronic sound of Feel Right could be the start of something new and fresh in a pop world that so desperately needs it.

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