boy george the crying game

COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘The Crying Game’

The song, “The Crying Game”, was originally recorded by Dave Berry in 1964

“The Crying Game” was written by British songwriter Geoff Stephens (1934-2020) and recorded by 60’s pop star Dave Berry (b.1941). It was released as his fourth single in July 1964 and peaked at No.5 in the UK, the first of three singles to reach that chart position, the highest he would attain in his home country.

In 1992, Boy George recorded his version for a film of the same name, directed by Neil Jordan. The song was produced by the Pet Shop Boys but only reached No.22 in the UK. It was far more successful in other countries, where it charted at No.15 in America and topped the singles chart in Canada and Iceland.

In 2002, Kylie Minogue performed the song as part of the ballads section for her phenomenally successful Fever2002 world tour, although this remains, to date, unrecorded and unreleased commercially.

But whose version is the best? DAVE BERRY’s original or BOY GEORGE’s cover?

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