Lipps Inc funky town

COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Funky Town’

The song, “Funky Town”, was originally recorded by Lipps Inc. in 1979

Steven Greenberg (b.1950) wrote and produced the futuristic sounding “Funky Town” for his band, Lipps Inc., in 1979. The song was recorded at the end of the year and released in March 1980 as the group’s second single. It went on to top the charts in more than twenty countries around the world, including America, and was a top five hit in all others, including the UK, where it stalled at No.2.

Australian band Pseudo Echo recorded a rock-pop version of the song for their 1986 album, “Love An Adventure”. This was released from November of that year and over a period of ten months around the world, becoming their biggest, and in some cases, their only hit single, topping the chart in their home country (their first and only) and reaching No.6 in America and No.8 in the UK.

But which version is the best? LIPPS INC’s original or PSEUDO ECHO’s cover?

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