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FRESH: ‘Let The Healing Begin’ – Bisola

Bisola asks to “Let The Healing Begin” now


Award-winning British singer/songwriter and friend of, Bisola, has just dropped her emotive and inspiring new single bound to stir positive emotions all round.

“Let The Healing Begin” was written as a tribute to everyone navigating their way through the ‘new normal’ in the aftermath of lockdowns and the pandemic.

The track beautifully captures the challenges many have faced while at the same time brilliantly shining a light on the hope and possibilities which lie ahead. It’s a stirring ballad that has the potential of becoming an instant classic. Bisola brings a refreshing approach to the song’s arrangement that makes it a real joy to listen to – only those with a heart of stone would not to be touched by it.

“Let The Healing Begin” delivers an uplifting sound that will connect and resonate deeply with music lovers and it adds to Bisola’s growing catalogue of uplifting and life affirming music. It’s a definite must-save to everyone’s playlist. Off the back of her rousing Summer ‘banger’, “Go Massive” and her previous superlative songs, “Breathe” and the awesome and enduring “Come Alive“, “Let The Healing Begin” offers hope and inspires confindence in us all to rise up and carry on.

Once again, Bisola’s powerful and distinctive vocal dominates the lifting soundtrack of this very different sounding number that we have not yet seen from the lovely Bisola. Just the line “like the desert needs the rain, wash away all of our pain, let the healing begin”. Something we can all take guidance from and cherish, just like this gorgeous and heartfelt latest from one of Britain’s most gifted and dedicated artists. Bless you Bisola.

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