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Anytime you want them to, they can make you happy. Apparently so. Within A Dream…?

Within A Dream were a VERY short-lived British duo consisting of songwriters Wilf Smarties (that appears to be his real name) and Jayn Hanna, who did all the singing. Not noted for any commercial success, the pair wrote and recorded the song, “Where Is The Feeling?”, in 1992, which was ‘big’ in the clubs but unheard outside. Smarties and Hanna had been active both before and after their brief coming together with Scottish-born Smarties responsible for producing the 1986 hit, “The Rattler”, for Scottish band, Goodbye Mr MacKenzie, who name among their former members, one Shirley Manson.

Wilf was also responsible for the 1985 single “Drum The Beat (Shall We Dance)” and a few other minor releases prior to working with a then unknown band by the name of Wet Wet Wet on their debut album, “Popped In, Souled Out”, most notably on what would become their first single, “Wishing I Was Lucky”, in 1987. “The Rattler”, by Goodbye Mr MacKenzie, was a minor hit on the UK Indie chart when initially released, but finally made the singles chart when re-released in 1989, making it to No.37 on the Top 40. Having worked as a backing singer herself, Wilf joined forces with Jayn to create Within A Dream in 1992. The duo parted ways soon after “Where Is The Feeling?” but the song wasn’t forgotten entirely. It was resurrected by producers and DJ’s Brothers In Rhythm (Steve Anderson and Dave Seaman) two years later when it was recorded by none other than Kylie Minogue for her self-titled 1994 studio album.

“Where Is The Feeling?” was remixed (a number of times) when released commercially in the Summer of 1995, reaching No.16 in the UK and No.35 in Australia. Success at last! Hanna sought to capitalise on this and, working with Smarties, released a solo single, “Lovelight (Ride On A Love Train)” in 1996. This was followed by “Lost Without You” in 1997, although neither track did anything like the revived Kylie recording and after two more singles, she dropped out of sight again. Hanna, now known as Jayn H Wissenberg, re-emerged in 2006 as the singer in Yorkshire band, The Steals, releasing an EP, “Floodlights”, in 2006 and their debut album, “Static Kingdom”, in 2009. She re-invented herself again in 2014, taking the name ‘Darkher’, releasing “The Kingdom Field” that year and “Realms” in 2016.

Wilf Smarties is largely retired now, having been active since the very beginning of the 1980’s. His most recent work being with the band, Mowgli And The Donuts, in 2016, while Hanna/Wissenberg/Darkher, continues to perform live in many different incarnations of her own self. Perhaps enjoying the royalties from her biggest and best known hit, sung by someone else?

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