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FRESH: ‘Trip To L.A.’ – Friends Like These

Friends Like These take a “Trip To L.A.”


British five-piece Friends Like These have launched their brand new, original track, “Trip To L.A.”, today, their second of this year.

The band, who came together in 2018 and primarily perform their version of both classic and modern chart songs, have also released a quirky video to accompany “Trip To L.A.”, which should delight all fans of cheesy pop!

Consisting of singer Ali Garner, guitarists Alex Young, Brian Boyd and David Roughton, and Lowri Dowell, who plays drums and percussion, Friends Like These have attracted a solid following on YouTube with their own and faithful take on some favourite tunes from “Drivers Licence” to “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, “Beat It” by Jacko and even the monstrous “Blinding Lights”, which appears to be a big hit with over three million views!

The group also write and record their own material and I would recommend “Break Up Weather” and “Good Time” as a starting point if you haven’t already been introduced to this lot yet. Friends Like These also perfom live, when they can, and hope to return to the stage as soon as it’s possible and safe enough to. Meantime, they’ve been building up quite a catalogue of songs to use as well as their own material, which has most recently seen the addition of “Right Now” and now with the jolly fine “Trip To L.A.”, which will rekindle the sound of the Summer just passed, or perhaps a Summer from back when.

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