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Blue Mercedes wanted to be your property in 1987, but did they end up rich and famous?

Pop duo Blue Mercedes were going to be the next Pet Shop Boys or Erasure when their debut single, “I Want To Be Your Property”, landed in the UK charts at the end of 1987. Keyboard player Duncan Millar and singer David Titlow (b.1963) released the single in November that year and it peaked at No.23 on the UK top 40. Bigger success befell the song in America in 1988, when it topped the dance chart there, and it would be in the US that the duo would have their fame and success. “I Want To Be Your Property” would become their first and their last UK chart hit.

The song was written by Ian Curnow and Phil Harding, two names that had come to the fore as mixers at Pete Waterman’s PWL Records. 1988 would bring two more US club chart hits with “See Want Must Have” and “Love Is The Gun”, both of which fell short of the UK top 40. As did their debut and only album, “Rich And Famous”, which made it to No.165 Stateside, but flopped in the UK. Blue Mercedes released two other tracks in late-88 – early 89, before parking their car in the parking lot and walking away. But Millar and Titlow were not quite done yet…they ‘reinvented’ themselves under the name of ‘Nixon’ and released a new song, “Sweet Temptation”, in 1990, although this was met without commercial success. The ‘boys’ renamed themselves again a few years later as Monica De Luxe before splitting and going their separate ways.

David Titlow went on to release records into the mid-90’s before quitting to take up a career as a fashion and music photographer, something he has become very noted in, taking pics of the likes of Damon Albarn and Groove Armada to name but a few. Duncan Millar also continued on in music, releasing club tunes through then newly formed Positiva Records. He has more recently become well known as a jazz composer, which he would gain a MOBO nomination as Best Jazz Act in 1999. His most recent collection, “Fresh Air”, was released in 2013, while 2021 has seen the release of the single, “Don’t Let This Feeling Stop”, with Chris Checkley.

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NB: Sadly it was announced on 16th May 2022 that Duncan had died. RIP.

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