natalie cole 1988

COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Pink Cadillac’

The song, “Pink Cadillac”, was originally recorded in 1984 by Bruce Springsteen

Rock and pop classic, “Pink Cadillac”, was written and recorded by ‘The Boss’, Bruce Springsteen, in 1984, initially for his studio album, “Born In The USA”. The song did not make the final cut, but was used as the B side to the single, “Dancing In The Dark”, which was released in May 1984 and reached No.1 in Canada and No.2 in America.

The song was ‘reinvented’ only three years later by Natalie Cole for her 1987 album, “Everlasting”. This version was pumped up with pop and dance rhythms and was released as the third single from the album in February 1988. Natalie’s version peaked at No.5 Stateside, but was more commercially successful internationally, reaching the top ten across Europe, Australia and the Far East. It made No.4 in Canada and No.5 in the UK in the Spring of 1988.

But whose version is the best? BRUCE’s original or NATALIE’s cover?