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COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Please Don’t Go’

The song, “Please Don’t Go”, was originally recorded by KC and The Sunshine Band in 1979

“Please Don’t Go. Don’t go away, I’m begging you to stay…” is how the song goes! It was written by Harry Casey (b.1951) and Richard Finch (b.1954) of KC and The Sunshine Band for their sixth studio album, “Do You Wanna Go Party?”, in 1979. The track was released as the second single in July and went to number one in America, Australia, Canada and South Africa, and No.3 in the UK.

The year 1992 saw TWO separate versions of the song covered and released. The first one came from an Italian group called Double You. They released their version as their debut single in January 1992 and made it a top ten hit across mainland Europe, including Sweden, where it went to number one. The song stopped just short of the UK chart at No.41.

Just three months later, a British trio calling themselves KWS released a version of the song as their debut single also. This was much more successful, however, topping the UK singles chart for five weeks and becoming the fifth biggest seller of the year. It also found its way into the top ten across Europe and Australia as well as peaking at No.6 in the US. The song went to No.7 in Germany, but beacuase of a legal dispute with the Double You version, it dropped completely out of the following week.

But which version is the best? KC’s original, DOUBLE YOU’s 1st 1992 cover or KWS’ big number one?