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On “Election Day”, will you vote for Arcadia? Promise?(!)

Arcadia were a short-lived, one album off-shoot of Duran Duran, formed in 1985 and lasting just one year. Following their US number one single with the James Bond theme, “A View To A Kill”, in the Summer of 85, Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor took a break from the huge success the band had achieve in the first half of the decade to “do something else”. The trio had already started writing and recording for the project as the 007 song hit the charts and in October, they debuted the first track, “Election Day”. In the Duran Duran tradition, it proved a big hit, reaching No.6 in America and No.7 in the UK. The album, “So Red The Rose”, followed a month later and this too was a hit, gaining Platinum status Stateside for sales of more than a million copies.

One reviewer described it as “the greatest album never recorded by Duran Duran”! The single, “Goodbye Is Forever”, only saw release in America and Australia, while early 1986, the rest of the world got “The Promise” as the official second single, making No.37 in the UK. “The Flame” followed in the Spring of 1986, but this was the weakest performing, while the track, “Say The Word”, featured on the soundtrack to the film, ‘Playing For Keeps’, later in 1986. By then Le Bon and Rhodes had rejoined other members of the band to write and record the Duran Duran album, “Notorious”, the group’s first for three years. Roger Taylor went into retirement shortly afterward, returning to the band in 2001 for the band’s “Pop Trash” world tour and for their later album, “Astronaut”.

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