Grace not over yet

COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Not Over Yet’

The song, “Not Over Yet”, was originally recorded by Grace in 1993

Club classic, “Not Over Yet”, was written by producer Paul Oakenfold (b.1963) and Mud guitarist Rob Davis (b.1947), who would later pen “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head“. Oakenfold, along with fellow producer Steve Osborne (b.1963) formed the dance act, Grace, in 1993 and engaged singer Patti Low to perform the vocals. “Not Over Yet” was released as their debut single in October but was not a commercial hit, although it did gain attention in the clubs.

Twelve months on, Grace met and engaged singer Dominique Atkins (b.1970) to re-record the vocals and during the Winter of 1994-95, promoted the track heavily across UK clubland as well as on late night Radio 1 and other commercial stations to attract the following the song deserved. In March 1995, “Not Over Yet” was re-released and this time became a success, peaking At No.6 in the UK and No.1 on the dance chart as well as being a top ten hit across Europe and topping the US Club chart.

Such was the enduring popularity of the song, Grace, who only two years later had split up to pursue other avenues, engaged producers Planet Perfecto (Ian Masterson, Jake Williams and Oakenfold himself), to remix the song and re-issue it in the Summer of 1999. This version of “Not Over Yet” peaked at No.16 on the UK singles chart and No.2 on the dance chart. In 2011, new mixes of the track from Max Graham and Jonas Hornblad were released.

The song was reworked by British band, The Klaxtons, in 2007 for their debut album, “Myths Of The Near Future”, under the subtle new title of “It’s Not Over Yet”. This version was released in June that year as the fourth to be lifted from the album and reached No.13 in the UK, the band’s second best performing until they parted ways in 2015.

But which version is the best? GRACE’s original, the 1995 re-record, the PERFECTO 1999 remix or THE KLAXTON’s remake?