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REVIEW: ‘The Beautiful Unknown’ – Matt Goss

Matt Goss – “The Beautiful Unknown”

Are you a Brosette or a Gossette? Step inside “The Beautiful Unknown”… Yes, Matt Goss, everyone’s favourite late 80’s heartthrob is back and he’s released his first studio album for nine years and it has been worth the wait! With 35 years now in the music business, Matt comes full circle with this pop-dance orientated album, having spent many years as a showman in Las Vegas belting out tunes in the style of Frank Sinatra. If you’re expecting the sound of Bros c.1988 then this is not for you. If you want a cool, modern, slick pop album, then press play…

The first thing that draws you to this album is the snazzy production of each song and also Matt’s calming and soulful voice – no “ruuueerrrrrrrr’s” here! Those days are gone. Matt is now a confident singer in multiple genres and he can certainly adapt to a bouncy pop number. The lead single, “Somewhere To Fall”, kicks off the album, a track already very well known and a perfect Summer pop number for the beach or the poolside. Matt takes the tone down with the more tender “Unafraid” next and demonstrates his intimate side with this R&B tinged down-tempo number. “We didn’t lose faith in the glory of love”, Matt impresses upon us with this positive love number.

“Feeling High” does just that. This song puts us back on track from where the album came in with some great synth-electro vibes while the sound of Summer to come really resonates with “Saved”. You begin to realise the positiveness of this album too, lyrically, as Matt shares his own journey in both love and life, all set to really happy sounds and musical accompaniment. “The Joke” is a sassy number which Matt lets some of his vast experience on stage creep in to this rocky, over the top production. “Soldiers Of War” is funky, down-tempo number that shines in which Matt confides about protecting the sanctity of love and not being too shy to fall.

Could “Better With You” be the standout track of this album? What a superb and understated pop anthem! Matt recently released this track and video and what a good idea that was. This song rocks, bops and oozes class and style. Think Bros mixed with a bit of Enrique Iglesias and that’s how this song feels and sounds. A well deserved and sure-fire hit if ever there was. After the high of “Better With You”, Matt takes things to a dark, more brooding place with “Shipwreck” and this is really where he allows the power of that voice shine through as we always knew it and loved it. The title track, “The Beautiful Unknown”, is as the title suggests, a very beautiful and heartfelt number as Matt describes an event that is unplanned but occurs when you least expect it to.

“Makin It Rain” moves back to an R&B down-tempo feel to this sexy number, proving Matt still has it and also shows those recent arrivals on the music scene how it’s done! The album all to soon comes to an end with the acoustic ballad, “Landslide”, perfect as the sun goes down for chilling and just winding down from this superb collection of new tracks from Matt, taking stock of what has gone before and how Matt himself has matured into a confident songwriter and performer of mainstream pop and dare to produce an album of this style so far into his career and without any fear of being misjudged in its timing or presentation. If you love soulful, unadulterated pop, then this is for you. If you just love Matt Goss, then this is for you. Welcome back fella, it’s been a long time, but the wait has been worthwhile. So raise a glass, to “The Beautiful Unknown”.

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Matt Goss The Beautiful Unknown