top gun 1986


36 years ago, Tom Cruise became a global star in the hit film, ‘Top Gun’, in which he was cast in the lead role as Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell. The film was a huge success and was one of the highest grossing pictures that year. The soundtrack was also a huge success, not least the song that accompanied the love scenes, courtesy of a largely unknown band called Berlin.

Legendary Disco producer and songwriter Giorgio Moroder wrote the song “Take My Breath Away” for Berlin to perform and they took it to the number one spot in multiple countries across the globe, including the UK and their homeland, The United States. The track won the Academy Award the following year for Best Original Song and Berlin would forever be known for it.

Fast forward to 2022 and, finally, a sequal has arrived – ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ – in which Cruise reprises the role which made him famous. For this new film, Lady Gaga provides the music interest and she has just released the song, “Hold My Hand”, with the help of producer Michael Tucker aka BloodPop. ‘Gaga’ is also credited for co-scoring the new film along with Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe and Harold Faltermeyer, who scored the first film, 36 years ago. Will it be as big as “Take My Breath Away”? Only time will tell. See what you think…

‘Top Gun’ 1986

‘Top Gun’ 2022

‘Top Gun’ opens in the US on 27th May and around the world this Summer