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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Belle and The Devotions

Belle and The Devotions played love games at the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest. And that was pretty much it.

Although plural in name, Belle and The Devotions was formed in 1983 of singer Kit Rolfe, who had been a backing singer for the UK’s 1983 Eurovision Song Contest entry from Sweet Dreams, “I’m Never Giving Up”. She released her debut single, “Where Did Love Go Wrong?”, under her new identity that same year. But neither it nor the follow up, “Got To Let You Go”, were anything like a hit. The Devotions, Laura James and Linda Sofield, were added in 1984 to form a three piece set and it was this formation that was chosen to represent the UK at the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest.

Written by Paul Curtis, a veteran of UK entries both past and future, and Graham Sacher, “Love Games” would come seventh at the Contest held in Luxembourg which at the time was the lowest the UK had come since 1978. Controversy surrounded this performance when it was discovered that backing singers behind the scenes were doing much of the vocal work and that Laura and Linda’s microphones were not actually switched on! This resulted in boo’s from the audience. When released as a single, it did give the girls, particularly Kit, a chart hit, peaking at No.11. Belle and her newly found Devotions released “All The Way Up” later in 1984, but this failed to chart and the trio parted ways soon after.

Kit Returned to Eurovision territory in 1991 when both she and UK Dance Queen Hazell Dean performed backing vocals on the UK entry that year for future Eastenders actress Samantha Janus on the song “Message To Your Heart”. The song came a lowly 10th, worse than ‘Belle’ and her Devotions had done seven years earlier. Kit also helped man of the moment Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards when he recorded the single “Fly Eddie Fly”. It was not a hit! As for ‘Belle’ (Kit), she has since retired from the music scene and devotes her time to her family and her horses somewhere in Essex. She, Linda and Laura reunited in 2019 for a one-off performance in Manchester for the first time in 35 years but to date, no further ‘love games’ have been suggested or played.

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