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THEN & NOW: Roxette/PG Roxette

Since the sad loss of Marie Fredriksson in 2019, Per Gessle has kept the Roxette name alive, now as PG Roxette. 2022 has been a busy year for him so far with the Galantis remix of “Fading Like A Flower” and now a brand new song, “The Loneliest Girl In The World”.

“Fading Like A Flower” was the second single to come from their 1991 album, “Joyride”. It was released in April and peaked at No.5 in Sweden, No.2 in America and No.12 in the UK. The track had previously been remixed by UK producer Dancing DJ’s in 2005 and was released as a single reaching No.18 this time around. Now hit producers and DJ’s Galantis offer a new, Euro-Pop twist on the smash hit.

Having recorded and released a number of solo albums himself, Per revives the Roxette name as PG Roxette for his brand new recording, “The Loneliest Girl In The World”, which retains much of the classic Roxette identity and sound. It goes without saying that there is only one element missing from this song. But I am sure Marie will be so proud of Per for continuing the name and tradition of the duo, who formed in 1986.

“Fading Like A Flower” 1991

“Fading Like A Flower” 2022

PG Roxette 2022

Per released the album “ROX RMX Vol. 1 (Remixes from the Roxette Vaults)” on 24th June