pointer sisters

COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Jump (For My Love)’

The song, “Jump (For My Love)”, was originally recorded by The Pointer Sisters in 1984

Stephen Mitchell, Marti Sharron and Gary Skardina wrote the song, “Jump (For My Love)”, for US female trio The Pointer Sisters in 1984. It was recorded by the group for their eleventh studio album, “Break Out”, and was released as the second single, following “Automatic”, in April. The track hit No.3 in America and No.6 in the UK as well as being a top ten hit across most of the globe.

In 2003, British girl group Girls Aloud recorded the song for their debut album, “Sound Of The Underground”. It was released as their fourth single in November and peaked at No.2 in the UK, where it is certified Gold for sales of 400,000 copies, twice the number the original sold there, and was a top ten hit across most of mainland Europe. The song was due to be featured in the film ‘Love Actually’ but was not used in the final cut, however, their version appears on the soundtrack album for the film.

But which version is the best? THE POINTER SISTERS’ original or GIRLS ALOUD’s cover?