2wo Third3


90’s group 2wo Third3 wanted the world. Did you hear them calling…?

Music impresario Tom Watkins was responsible for the Pet Shop Boys, Bros and East 17 and he was hedging his bets on boy band 2wo Third3 being the next big thing. Tom put together Lee Thomas, Richard ‘Biff’ Stannard, Victor someone and Danny someone else in 1993 and signed to Sony Records. They were introduced to a large audience as the support act on East 17’s 1994 tour and that Summer, released their debut single, “Hear Me Calling”. Sadly, few heard them calling as the song only made it as far as No.48. 2wo Third3 were one of the first openly and openly promoted gay band and so they could be seen playing in many of the London and Manchester clubs on the scene.

2wo Third3 released their second single, “Ease The Pressure”, in the Autumn of 1994, but any hopes that this would live up to its name were also dashed as the song faltered at No.45. Edging closer, lads… Things were pretty desperate by now as Tom had never not had a success story in the charts and so at Christmas 1994, 2wo Third3 released their third single, “I Want The World”. And, as the saying goes, it was third time lucky for them as the song made it to the UK top 40 and went as far as No.20! 2wo Third3 and Tom could relax as they had finally made it. But it was not to last. A fourth single in early 1995, “I Want To Be Alone”, peaked at No.29 and the boys decided to call it a day. With no album having been recorded, 2wo Third3 parted ways and called it a day.

What became of Victor and Danny is a mystery, but Lee remained on the music scene, playing clubs under the name of ‘4th Child’ and also forging a career as a photographer. He released his debut solo album, “Tattoo”, in 2011. Richard certainly made a name for himself as a songwriter, penning number one hits for the Spice Girls, 5ive and Kylie Minogue, among others. Tom (Watkins) went on to put Deuce together and have success with them in the mid-90’s. He died in 2020 aged 70.

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